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If and when the appropriate time comes where euthanasia is a consideration to help end your pet's suffering, we are here to help guide you through this difficult process. We have compassionate and caring veterinarians and staff who take their time to ensure your pet is comfortable and feeling loved. We have a special room dedicated to comforting you and your pet with plenty of space, comfortable seating, and the essential privacy that is necessary in such a situation. 
Rainbow Bridge

To honor and remember your beloved pet, we have the following services available:

Memorial Services: We work directly with Pet Heaven to provide cremation as a respectable method of honoring such a special companion. There are two methods of cremation available, either a communal cremation (where your pet's ashes do not come back to you, but instead are spread in our private memorial park at Animal Care Centre of Strathmore), or a private cremation (where your pet's ashes are returned to you in a beautiful urn of your choice).

Country Club Memorial Park: This beautiful facility offers pet burials for your beloved companion so that you may visit your friend as often as you wish once he or she has been laid to rest. Since most town bylaws do not allow burials within the town limits, this is a nice option if burial is something that you would like to honor your pet with.

Pear Tree Impressions: We will take an impression of your pet's paw and send it away to the artists at Pear Tree for a hand crafted and individually painted print. The quality pear tree has to offer is next to none, and the lasting impression will keep your special friend's memory with you always.

Moments: Karen has much to offer your pet's memory with special keepsakes, picture frames and paw impressions. She is a very talented artist who can customize your pet's paw print within a beautiful picture frame, and include a photo, poem, or any other keepsake item (ie: tag, collar) that you may wish to include.

Pet Loss Support Hotline: Losing a beloved companion is one of the hardest things that we have to go through in life. Sometimes it's hard to find someone who truly understands how deep of a loss it is when a pet passes away. We always recommend reaching out to close friends and family for support, but sometimes even they don't fully understand the impact of such a loss. Pet loss support hotlines are very beneficial in helping with one's feelings of depression, loss, anger, and/or guilt. The University of Guelph (Ontario Veterinary College) offers students who are available to speak with those suffering from the loss of their loyal companion.

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