1. Book your 30 minute video consult appointment below.

2. Have your pet ready with you in a quiet, well lit room with limited distractions at the time of your appointment. Have on hand any medications that your pet is currently receiving. Make sure you have set up Zoom on the iPad, iPhone, tablet or computer you are using.

3. During your consultation the vet will determine whether or not your pet needs to be assessed in clinic, or if medications and/or treatment options can be completed through the video consultation. Please know that there is no additional exam or drop-off fee if your pet needs to be seen in clinic for further diagnostics.

4. If medications are needed, they will be filled for you and available via curb side pick-up, or delivered directly to your residence with our new delivery service option.

5. Consultation payment is made directly through the secure GoFetch app so no direct interactions with us are necessary.
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