You love your pets... so do we! We are always looking for ways to advance our care, because we care. We have recently made a few changes to our ways of communicating to you online. It is important to us that your pets receive the highest of care, so we want to make sure you are aware of when vaccines are due or it is time for annual exams. We have now partnered with Pet Health Network Pro to provide online appointment bookings, email, text and postcard reminders and email and text appointment confirmations. The added bonus is their well developed and educational Petly page. The Petly pages are your pet's online profile. You will receive an invite by email and you can register for your pets page. In it you will find the appointment history for each of your pets and vaccination records. We hope you will find these tools helpful in our digital age.
Dr. Jodi is getting ready to add another member to her family and ours! We couldn't be more excited! 2016 has been a big year for our clinic and this is the cake topper!

Dr. Jodi is officially on maternity leave. The new baby hasn't arrived yet, (don't worry we will make that announcement when it happens). But, she is no longer taking any appointments. Don't expect to see her in the clinic for anything but a baby cuddle until spring.

A HUGE Welcome to our newest junior team member, Raelyn Dorothy Koester. Dr. Jodi had a beautiful baby girl on September 21. We are so thrilled for their family!

Welcome Raelyn

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