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Animal Care Centre of Strathmore is committed to providing the best medical care possible for our patients all while supporting our clients. The clinic was established in 2007 and moved to our current location in August of 2013. Our hospital was designed to work efficiently for our patients, clients and staff. We have 6 exam rooms, a large and well lit treatment area with double surgery suite, in-house lab, pharmacy, x-ray, ultrasound and laser. Our barn has facilities for our equine and bovine patients along with a portable x-ray and the newest technology for bovine reproduction.

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Horses need dentists too! Horse teeth wear in specific patterns based on the way the horse eats its food. The edges of the teeth can become very sharp and cause abrasions within the mouth. If you note your horse showing oral pain, dropping feed, or loosing condition, be sure to have your veterinarian check his/her teeth. Routine dental floating is recommended every 1 to 3 years depending on the needs of your horse.

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